LegacyClash 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018


legacyClash 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018



Compatible with all devices

Golemland 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018
Golemland 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018

What is LegacyClash

LegacyClash is a custom server network. We started our journey in June 2017 and stopped our server in september 2017 because our server version was outdated.Now we are back with 10.134.6 version compatibility and special thanks to LegacyClash Servers for hosting our server and keeping up-to-date. And now we are one of the best modded server networks. We have 1 server for CoC – with mods, but we are planning to launch a server without mods. Our high-speed hosting ensures that you will always get the best experience without lags. We made the servers awesome based on our users’ feedback. Interested? There are more stuff to discover! DISCLAIMER: This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy.


We’ve built many distinct custom stuff for you to showcase the features of your base. To see the complete list

LegacyClash 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018


Tombstone from cr

it will release fire spirits when someone attacks ur village

Fire spirits(A cr troop)

Server Mods:

•Building cost 1

•Buildings Time 0

•1000Building Limit

•Heroes training

•Pit Trap

•Buildeebase troops and buildings in home village

•New spells Features

•Builderbase PvP •

Trophies increase


•Friendly challenges

•New commands



servers are compatible with iOS, PC and Android. You can use IP, DNS and


Stable, fast and secure servers that everyone likes to play on. We are online 24/7, even when the official servers are under maintenance.

Tired of the old Clash of Clans? We have something new.

Stocking up gems, gold and elixir has never been so easy. And with the game leveling up higher, you will never get enough of these resources. Only if there was a easier way, you wonder.

That’s when you hear the buzz about the great, great COC Private Servers.

And they are indeed great.

MiroClashCoC Private Server 2018 April Update
MiroClashCoC Private Server 2018 April Update

What exactly are these  Private servers?

Unlike the original Clash of Clans which works on the official server of Supercell, the game mod you’ll play will work on Clans Private servers. These private servers are nothing but servers operated by a third party offering some extra features like unlimited resources, custom defenses and hero, etc. Although not the official way to play it, Clash of Clans Private Servers can offer you much more than actual game. Be a newbie or a pro, playing on Private Servers of Clash of Clans will always work for you. Plan your strategies, try new techniques and you can even build custom defenses and heroes.

And this doesn’t end here, there is so much more!

How do you do it?

Maybe people have already scared you with a long, tedious process if installing private servers to your devices but let me tell you the truth. No hassle, no root; installing the COC Private servers is the easiest thing you’ll ever do.LegacyClash 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018.,


Below, we offer you a simple COC Private servers download link.

Click it, the download should start.LegacyClash 10.135 New Update Furnace in Coc Private Server2018,

Uninstall the previous version of Clash of Clans in your device.

Find the apk file in your file manager and click in it to install

After giving the required permission, your COC server should be successfully installed.

Open it and enjoy!


Happy 4th anniversary of Clan Wars!
• Introducing War Tools: A new way to coordinate Clan War attacks. Add strategy notes on enemy bases and tag your targets!
• Many bug fixes and UI tweaks
Simple to Use

Very simple to use, simply download the APK for Android, or the iPA for iOS and starting playing and enjoying your game!

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